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hemp farm The legalization of medical marijuana in most jurisdictions has ignited attention to CBD-based products. As much as most people are aware of the benefits that come with using CBD products, there is also a lot of misconception going around. For instance, what is the difference between CBD and hemp oils? While all these oils could be extracted from the hemp plant, they are entirely different. Therefore, it is worth noting that just because a product is marketed as hemp oil, this doesn’t necessarily make it a CBD product.


Understanding the nature of ingredients can help you tell the difference between CBD and hemp oil. Even if they are both extracted from the hemp plant, certain key differences set them apart. For instance, CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant in its entirety. This means that it sourced from both the plant and the seeds. As such, the active ingredient in CBD can be listed as “the whole plant.” On the other hand, hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Production Methods

The production method is a key difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Since hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds, the production method used is known as cold press extraction, which is a relatively simple process. The production of CBD oil from the entire plant, on the other hand, employs high tech production methods such as the solvent-based extraction and the super critical fluid extraction. The differences in production methods and the ingredient makes hemp oil appear green and dark, while CBD oil is usually light golden to dark brown.

CBD Content

The concentration of CBD is another distinguishing factor between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The help plant is naturally rich in CBD. This means that CBD oils contain high concentrations of CBD. On the other hand, hemp seed oil contains a very small amount of CBD and some trace amounts of THC. Therefore, if you need a product with high concentrations of CBD, go for CBD oils.

Although both hemp seed oil and CBD oil are derived from the same plant, they are not similar. Most people do not know the difference between the two products. Some marketers have also resorted to misrepresenting facts, which is quite unfortunate. With these three points, however, you can now objectively tell the difference.

stoner figurines

The 21st century has marked modern history with global decriminalization of marijuana. Although not all countries have lifted the ban, we are all heading there. Even South Korea, which has been notorious for giving severe punishment to its stoner citizens, legalized medical cannabis in March 2019.

If you want to follow the hype, you must know that a true stoner always keeps the essential stoner kit with them.

A Grinder

a hemp grinderAll stoners must know how to make a blunt. And for that, you are going to need a good grinder. If you wonder whether there are bad grinders at all, the answer is a short yes. They don’t cut the buds but shred them into a mess.

You need to note that you will need a grinder that has kief-catching feature. Kief refers to the crystal-like glands that stick to cannabis flowers. They contain terpenes and potent cannabinoids. It will be a waste not to include them in your blunt batch.

Weed Containers

buds containerYou can’t carry your precious green in bags forever. The taste will degrade for sure because there are plenty of contaminants in the air. Hence, you need a weed container to store your weed properly.

First, make sure that the container has an air-tight lid. Second, the design must allow it to be stored easily in your bag. And third, the material must be of high-quality so that the coating won’t degrade the weed’s taste.

A Multitool

a multitoolWhen you want to smoke on the go, you need a multitool you can rely on. A tamping tool, scrapers, dab spoons, a cutter, and maybe a flashlight feature will be useful when you are trying to process the cannabis buds.

And again, the multitool must be made of a good metal. You don’t want the paint or any coatings on it to contaminate your precious weed.

A Mini Flashlight

If you can’t find a multitool with a flashlight on, then buy it separately. You don’t need a big one because it is supposed to be handy enough to handle when you use it. Imagine if you are making a blunt in the dark. Your both hands will be busy, and you can hold the flashlight only with your mouth. But despite the size, it must provide enough illumination. And to make things easier, it’d be better if you buy a flashlight with chargeable batteries.…