Features to Check when Buying a Violin

violin playing

When one is interested in buying a violin, they are very keen on putting various features into consideration to ensure they get home with the best instrument. Getting conversant with the cost of violins helps in choosing the one you can afford. However, other factors require guidance to ensure you pick the best product.

Construction of the Violin

When considering the construction of the violin, you will narrow your choice to picking a high-quality instrument. A high-quality violin has specific features when it comes to construction.

First, when one applies light pressure on any part of the violin, it should not produce any cracking sounds. Secondly, it should not have any cracks or warping or any structural defects that may make your instrument quickly get damaged. Lastly, ensure that your violins sound post is visible.

Size of the Violin

There are a variety of violins that are made in different sizes. One should always measure the violin’s size that suits them best by placing it in between their left shoulder and jawbone like you want to play it. It would be best to have your left arm extended out of the body and the palm up. One knows they got their right size only if they can curl their fingers around the violin’s scroll. If it’s hard for your finger to touch the scroll, the violin is too big for you. Others go to the extent of having their arms bend to prove that the instrument is too small for them.


Basics of the Violin

Before taking a step ahead of purchasing the violin, it is crucial to understand some of this instrument’s basics. For the violin’s pitch to remain tuned, the pegs should operate smoothly. Fitting of the bridge should also be appropriately done by maintaining the height between strings and the appropriate spacing to enhance the bow’s movement from string to string. The nut and the fingerboard should be well-shaped and with specific dimensions to ensure that the instrument does not buzz when playing it.

In summary, other than the size, construction, and basics, the violin’s outfits are also essential. Most violins that were developed earlier lacked some outfits, but the recent models have them. The outfits include a violin case and a high-quality bow. The outfits are of quality and suit most intermediate violinist and beginners.